Our Story

We love living here.  We arrived over 20 years ago and raised our children here.  Our garden and orchards, which adjoin our beautiful meadow have been a major interest for us and we are now creating two small regenerative businesses.  

After a career in forestry and land management, Peter used his knowledge about timber and interest in wood-working, to design and build the Dôl Swynol cabin using locally sourced timber.  He built the cabin by hand while training to design and make furniture.  You will see some of his work in the cabin and also on Instagram:  Coedisan Furniture

Marion worked with local schools for many years on fitness and health related areas and growing our own fruit and vegetables has chimed with her day job in the past.  We have a shared interest in gardening with Peter looking after the trees, hedges and chickens and Marion growing most of the vegetables, soft fruit and flowers.  She shares her gardening year on Instagram:   My Welsh Kitchen Garden 

We both enjoy outdoor activities and love walking, running and cycling in the valleys and woodlands and over the hills and mountains.  In summer we love to swim in the rivers and the sea. 

As well as the landscape, we appreciate the rich culture and history of Wales including the Welsh language which we have both learned to speak, read and write to various levels.  We have played an active role in a community heritage project to repair and restore the wonderful medieval church in the village.  This area hosts lots of events celebrating Welsh culture from local agricultural shows held during the summer to singing concerts held at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and other venues. We share information about local events on social media.  

Marion also loves travelling but is always thrilled to get home again. An American cousin of hers lives in a wonderful part of Maine but says that our meadow is her favourite place in the whole world.  We agree and we have designed our cabin to enable you to soak up the spirit of this very special place.

We have developed the cabin at Dôl Swynol in a way that reflects our values and interests.  In addition to sustainability and promoting wellbeing it reflects our commitment to quality which we believe is a combination of good design, practicality, craftsmanship and beauty.  There is kindness here too which can be felt in the thoughtfulness of the design and attention to detail.  Our aim is to bring joy and contentment in a delightful cabin where guests can form their fondest memories while experiencing this wonderful area of Wales.

We look forward to sharing our Dôl Swynol (Charming Meadow) with you.         

Relax          Recharge          Explore