We are in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains, one of the best places in the UK to enjoy stargazing because of the clean air and lack of light pollution. 

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The darkest skies are around the time of the New Moon each month, when the lack of moonlight means thousands of stars are visible.  

Star trail around North star
This timelapse photo by Dafydd Wyn Morgan, shows how the stars appear to rotate around the North star as the earth gently turns on its axis. 
In the cabin, we provide binoculars and a guidebook about the night sky.  

The lunar calendar dates for 2024 are shown below.  

New Moon  2024 Full Moon 2024
11th January 25th January 
9th February 24th February
10th March 25th March
8th April 23rd April
8th May 23rd May
6th June  22nd June
5th July 21st July
4th August 19th August
3rd September 18th September
2nd October 17th October
1st November 15th November
1st & 30th December 15th December

But it's not just about the stars, the full moons are also spectacular and when there are no clouds, the moon is bright enough to walk outside without the need for a torch!

A bright moonlit night